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If You Love Something…

Friday Sept 20th Message!

If you love someone….

Allow them to breathe

Never hold someone back from their path or growth…  It is important to let the one you love to soar…. to allow them to explore their true depth and potential….

To trust…. have faith….. that all will work out in the end….

It is not about holding onto fear or insecurities…. but believing and trusting that your higher self always will lead you in the correct direction.  All you have to do is honor it and really listen to your truth….

Love is about trusting and truly believing that whatever happens in the end,  it will always be in your best interest.  Even if initially there is pain and sorrow.  It will evolve into love and light….

So the old adage of “ if you love something…. then set it free… if it comes back to you then it is yours forever… if it doesn’t it never was”…..

Is true…..

Love in its purest form is beyond words…….

It is beyond spirit….

Love just is….Just let it be…. and watch it unfold…..

© 2013  Merrill Black, LCSW/Reiki Master/Hypnotherapist

I treat a variety of issues using diverse modalities such as Hypnosis, Reiki, and Cognitive Behavioral approaches in my private practice at: The Temperance Center in Eastchester, NY.   For more information call my office at (914) 793-2600

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